Challenge #1 Answered

I know I have a few readers–at least people who have flirted with the post–are you going to take up the challenge for August and post mammals you’ve seen?  Feel free to, even later than this month (which is over in less than two days).

For my yard, and neighborhood, I’ve spotted the following (in August–I could make a longer list for sightings at other times):

  • Red squirrels
  • Fox squirrels
    • Grey squirrels and the black sub-species
    • raccoons
    • bats (probably little brown bats)
    • deer mice
    • chipmunks

    That’s all for this month.  What did you see?



3 thoughts on “Challenge #1 Answered

      • Yes. It may be a new discovery. I think it should be named after me.

        It was a while ago, and the mouse seemed in quite a hurry to get a way from me, so I don’t remember it that well. I think it was mostly one color, a gray or brown, with a couple of bands that were a different color. The bands of different color really made it stand out to me. It was different than what I’ve seen before, but than again, it did a good job of staying out of sight so I didn’t see it for long.

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