Challenge #3 Answered

Y’know, it’s OK to post something about your trees; truly it is.  Anyway, my shagbark hickory is now naked.  The Siberian or Chinese elm is about 80% leafless; the American beech in the backyard has lost its crown (strange how that tree loses its leaves from the top down) and the remaining leaves are almost all copper-colored now.  I haven’t paid attention to the mulberry tree in the back, but that’s probably ready for winter now too.  We’ve seen many windy and cool days this fall which made up for such a dry summer.  I was pleasantly surprised at the plethora of color.

Oak leaves in my second backyard (captured mid-October).

So, what did you find?  Quick, before all the leaves are gone.


Challenge #3: Trees

The past two challenges have involved things that moved from yard to yard; this month’s challenge is about less ambulatory organisms.  Not ents, but trees; it is autumn, after all.

So, I’ll make this even easier, you won’t have to leave your yard.  Simply identify the trees in your yard.  You can even throw in shrubs, but not bushes, mind you.

Take time to absorb the color changes happening now–at least for us folks in the northern US.  ID your tree(s) down to the species, but if you have none in your yard, post about your neighbor’s trees or those in your ‘hood.

Challenge #2 answered

Oops!  I missed the deadline for the end of September, which is OK as the insects around here are lessened by a factor of five now.  Anyway, I saw (or heard):

  • houseflies
  • carpenter ants
  • pavement ants
  • mosquitoes (which have been rare this summer)
  • field crickets
  • cicadas
  • gnats of some kind
  • bumble bees
  • honeybees
  • yellowjackets
  • harvestmen
  • various spiders (species unknown)
  • pill bugs
  • and probably others I don’t remember

What about you?