Froggy went-a-courtin’

So, what did you hear in May? Did you spot any amphibians? I found a salamander, nowhere near my back yard, but still…outside of the Great Smoky Mountains and one specimen in Pennsylvania, I’ve only seen three salamanders in Michigan in my entire life. I also spotted a bullfrog on that day–didn’t hear him, though.
Early May was quite dry in SE Michigan, so the toads stopped, but then after some rainy days last week, the boys picked up their trilling tones again to catch the ears of some girls. At my second backyard (about 40 miles away from my primary backyard) I heard the green frogs call along with a few chorus frogs still hanging around. The gray tree frog was starting his season as well, two weeks back. As the spring winds down, some species breeding ends while others pick up. Keep your ears open, triangulate, and then try to spot the little hoppers before the water evaporates and fall is here again.IMG_0485


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