Aquaterra Update

Has your neighborhood wetland dried up yet or is it still going strong thanks to spring rain?  Or is it, like some of the wetlands and wet spots in my neighborhood,  a mosquito nursery.  They appear to be numerically stronger every day.  Speaking of those little vampires, a “new” mosquito-borne disease appears to be heading our way.

Frog mating season should be winding down for you probably.  Though the bigger frogs, green and bullfrogs, start later than the smaller ones.     Image

I’ve got four breeding pairs of red-winged blackbirds in my neighborhood now.  I’ve spotted three sets of eggs, two nests of hatchlings, and one fledgling.      Image         Image

Get out, explore your wetlands–wear boots and mosquito repellent now–and come back and report.

If all goes well, this month’s challenge will be presented by a guest.


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