Presenting…Another Publishing Triumph

     As a student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn in the Master of Arts of Liberal Studies, I had a three options to finish my degree. I could take a capstone course which meant writing some extra papers, I could write a dissertation, or I could create some kind of project.
     I was burnt out on writing papers, so I didn’t want the capstone course and I certainly didn’t want to write 20+ page on some academic topic only to have it moulder under the buzzing of fluorescent lights in the Mardigian Library gathering dust over the years.
     Many of my classes were ecologically themed: from watershed analysis and a philosophy of environmental studies to restoration ecology and invasive species ecology. Therefore, I had to do something along those lines. I came up with the idea of a handbook for churches guiding them in the way they should steward the land their buildings sit upon. I had helped start a group at my previous church and we planted a rain garden, a food garden, and a native landscape. Why shouldn’t I try to write about that?
     So, Greening God’s Earth was ideated.  I don’t remember when I settled on that, but it was probably around ’08 or ’09.  Here it is 2014.  Obviously, I’m not speedy.  That’s OK.

This is not a download link.  Clicking on this image will only frustrate you.  Go to the "downloads" tab.

This is not a download link. Clicking on this image will only frustrate you. Go to the “downloads” tab.

     For now, feel free to download the book (you can find it “under” the download tab).  I may at some point decide to charge for it, but not yet.

     I’d love to speak to your church or group if the book is of interest to you.  Send me a message here and we’ll talk.  In the meantime, read GGE, and put the ideas into action.  That’s the best thing you could do.


One thought on “Presenting…Another Publishing Triumph

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