Better Late Than Later

I am in the midst of crafting an actual post about an actual creature in your neighborhood (which should be up soon…I mean it!). While you wait you can check out this journal: Jesus the Imagination. The inaugural issue was published late June/early July of this year.

In it, I have a piece called The Benthic and the Celestial, about the connections I’ve found between benthic macroinvertebrates and spiritual beings. Sure, it’s not for everybody, but you might enjoy the poetry and some of the other fine essays found in the pages of Jesus the Imagination.

Available through online retailers.

jesus-the-imagination (1)


Art + Nature II

I found this link thanks to MAEOE (Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education–a fine organization of which I am a part).  There are some great ideas on this Land Art site.  Check it out.