Challenge #3: Trees

The past two challenges have involved things that moved from yard to yard; this month’s challenge is about less ambulatory organisms.  Not ents, but trees; it is autumn, after all.

So, I’ll make this even easier, you won’t have to leave your yard.  Simply identify the trees in your yard.  You can even throw in shrubs, but not bushes, mind you.

Take time to absorb the color changes happening now–at least for us folks in the northern US.  ID your tree(s) down to the species, but if you have none in your yard, post about your neighbor’s trees or those in your ‘hood.


Challenge #2

Egads!  September is winding down and I haven’t posted a challenge yet.  This is getting to be the wrong time of year for this challenge, at least in Michigan, but it can still work and if you’re a midwesterner like me, you may go back three months to complete this challenge if necessary.  September’s challenge is insects.  Let me expand that to bugs, arachnids, and annelids as well, i.e. bugs (with sucking mouth parts), spiders, and worms.  Strive to move beyond “I saw a spider” to “A harvestman was crawling on my calf.”  Start looking and post your findings.Image

Challenge #1

This is not from my backyard, but I did see him on a trail last month in northern lower Michigan.

I’ll start you out easily.  For August your challenge (Uh…you’ve read the “About” page, correct?) is to spot and identify five different mammals that frequent your backyard or neighborhood.  Domestic dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, and the like don’t count.  I’m also thinking rats should not be counted either; if you do see those rodents lurking you might have a problem.  Go beyond spotting and work to identify those animals–use the internets, field guides, whatever helps.

Leave a post with whatever ID you’d like and give at least a general idea of your location and the identities of the mammals spotted.

I think you’ll be surprised at the biodiversity you find.